2 or 3 BHK Flat Interior Designing Cost in Kolkata

West Interiors is the affordable solution for your flat interior designing work in Kolkata and perfect place for all your interior decorating related queries. You are here and looking for flat interior decorating Cost in Kolkata and I am here for providing total solution requires for your interior decoration.

flat-interior-designer-kolkataI am long runner on this platform and having 10 work experiences. On this platform one thing is clear; you never compare quality with price. We always focus quality apart from quantity and make a dream home, flat, office, hotel or shop for our customer.

Short List Of 2 and 3BHK Flat

Prior to your visit to this website, here are a few things which will help you estimate the cost

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Interior designing cost mainly depends on some factors, such as:

1) Your Need – The kind of furniture and utilities you are looking for determines the primary cost. A Modular Kitchen will lay different cost than a designer Sofa set. Similarly, a king-sized bed will be costlier than a normal sized bed.

2) Purpose Of Use the Flat– In case you are planning to put up your flat on rent, it will require much less cost of decoration as it will involve mainly the basics. However, if you are going to stay yourself, it will need much more detailing and thereby result in higher cost. ?

3) Material Used For Your Flat – Your preference will monitor the cost to a great extent. The materials and details you want to put up will decide the cost. Branded materials will cost you more. Similarly, all wooden furniture will be costlier than Plywood furniture.

4) Expert and Professional Designer’s – The more experienced and mastered designer you higher, the more aesthetically lavish your flat will be. With that, the cost too will increase.

Generally, every component you use, be it the modular kitchen, Wardrobes, Bathroom, Bedroom, false ceilings, Living Room, decorative goods etc, is generally measured in “Per Sqft Rate”.

Our designers visit your flat and measure the area covered by each requirement in sqr ft to give you the detailed budget of the same. The sqr ft rate again depends on the article, its material, design, and quality. The measurement process of sqr ft is very simple. For 2-D featured like wall-papers, the area is simply measured. For 3-D units, the face area is measured only.

A brief idea of our rates is shared below:

  • Kitchen Interior Sample – 1000 Sqft to 1700 Sqft


  • Bedroom Interior Design and Sample – 1200 Sqft to 2000 Sqft (Condition Apply)


  • False Ceiling Design Cost and Sample – 100 Sqft to 500 Sqft (Condition Apply)


  • Bathroom Interior Design Cost and Sample – 600 Sqft to 1600 Sqft (Condition Apply)


These are just a few guidelines for you to get an idea of how to estimate the cost of interior designing. Visit our website or give us a call to get more details.

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