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How Did An Interior Design Dream Turn Into Reality At The Hands Of Experts?

Interior design is a form of art as much as it’s a technical area that requires expertise and subjective knowledge. With a huge number of new properties and new proprietors, along with a transition in the styling of home spaces in modern times, interior designers in Kolkata have been in high demand. 

West Interiors, being one of the leading names in the field of interior design, has been working on a variety of different projects. From 2BHK flat interior design to bungalow interior designing or any other kind or size of property across Kolkata and surrounding regions, the team has been creating and designing exceptional, unique, and elegant home spaces, exceeding the expectations of homeowners. 

West Interiors: Offering Exceptional Interior Design At Unbelievable Prices

As a testament to our quality of work, we will talk about two of our latest projects which have been greatly appreciated by the clients, just like many other works of ours that we have done in the past. Interior design is all about making a plan and executing it to turn the visions of our clients into reality. 

And, that is exactly what we did at two of our recent projects, one located in New Town and another located near Dum Dum Gorabazar. While we say that we turn your dreams into reality, let us take a look at how our team of highly proficient and experienced interior design professionals created the home space of dreams at these two sites. 

The New Town Project

A spacious and lavish flat at the heart of New Town, this was just the kind of canvas our team of experts needed to create the perfect picture. The property featured white marble flooring and a lot of space that could be turned into any kind of home space. 

To start with, like any other project, we consulted with our clients multiple times and consistently to get a clear idea about their vision and expectations, and needs they had. Once we were through with that, we prepared a few suggested design plans and layouts that were created based on the needs and preferences of the client.

We took care of the entire cabinetry needed throughout the property. From an exotic wooden wardrobe that was super-polished and bi-colored in shades of beige and brown for the bedroom, to the classic-modern basic wooden color and texture for the open wardrobe in the hall, we made sure that our client got exactly what was needed. 

A customised TV shelf with lockable drawers along with a unibed for the bedroom and a specially designed and custom made wardrobe for the bedroom as well. Along with that, the lighting and false ceiling theme and overall paint scheme went exactly as envisioned by our client. 

We made sure that every piece of furniture and furnishings brought out the sophisticated and neo-modern appearance within home space, rendering the aesthetics and convenience that was desired. 

Final Words 

For our New Town project, we did just what we do for all our projects: offer the finest interior design services that help you achieve the homespace of your dreams. Regardless of the size or kind of the property, from a lavish bungalow to a cozy 2BHK apartment, West Interiors is one of the most trusted names for all kinds of interior design services. The best quality at the best prices, guaranteed! 

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