Incredible Interior Design Tips To Make The Most Out Of A Small Space

Interior designing is a blend of technique and creativity, which makes it very close to art. With the right techniques and expertise, and of course some imagination and creativity, even a small flat can stand to look and feel better than a large space. If you own a small flat, maybe a 1 BHK or a small 2 BHK in Kolkata, you’d be surprised to find out that there are so many things that can be done to enhance the look, feel and convenience of the space.

In this blog, we have discussed some really innovative and creative ideas that can help you make the most out of a small space. When it comes to interior design, be it a penthouse apartment, a multi-storeyed home or a small 1 BHK flat, a professional interior designer in Kolkata or an interior design company can do wonders to the space.

Innovative And Effective Interior Design Tips For Small Spaces

As we just said, when it comes to interior design in Kolkata, hiring professionals for the job is indeed the best way to go. They can best manage and design the space according to the room available, as well as make it appropriate in terms of aesthetics and convenience of residents. While that can be the first tip on the list, here are a few more interior design tips to redefine the dynamics of your home interiors and transform the appeal and convenience of a small space.

Furniture Off The Floor

A simple but effective idea for small spaces is to keep furniture off the floor. Items like a bulky sofa plopped that is put on the floor makes a small space look even smaller. Instead, raised or leggy furniture that sits up off the floor offers more room and makes the space seem larger.

A Rug Over The Carpet

An amazing small apartment design idea is to cover the flooring with an attractive rug. No matter if it is tile, marble or carpet, a rug over it would add style and also define zones in the entire layout, making the apartment look and feel more spacious.

Divide The Space With Furniture

Another furniture trick on the list, dividing a small apartment in segments might seem to be a bad idea, but if done by professional interior designers, with the help of appropriate furniture, can make the space look and feel bigger. Creating zones with furniture will make the apartment feel more spacious.

Use The Space Vertically

For a small apartment, using the space vertically can help you make the most out of the small space. For instance taller wardrobes and bookcases can be used in creative ways to make the space look and feel bigger, while also increasing convenience and room for storage.

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