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Vastu in Interior Design – A Complete Guide

The role of Vastu Shastra is as much important in interior design, as it is in the planning and construction of a building. It is a common belief that one needs to follow the principles of Vastu Shastra only during the construction stages of a property. People believe that once the construction of the house is over, the role of Vastu is also over.

However, the truth is that following the principles of Vastu Shastra is an integral part of the entire process of interior decoration also. If you construct your house as per Vastu but ignore its principles during the interior designing process, you’re only doing half the work.

One should also keep in mind that ignoring the rules of Vastu during designing the interiors can lead to an imbalance of energies and more importantly, the five elements on nature viz. – Water, Air, Fire, Earth and Space.

The entire universe is nothing but interplay of these five elements. The universe and all human beings are made of them. They will ultimately merge back into them. Thus, one must ensure a proper balance of the 5 elements within a house or any other property also.

So how does Vastu Shastra help in balancing these energies ?

“Small changes and adjustments in the interior design have the potential to change the fortunes of the occupants of any property. And the good part is that you don’t need to spend a bomb to do up your interiors as per Vastu.

Minor changes in wall paints, upholstery and proper arrangement of furniture can help you achieve the perfect balance of energies”, says Abhishek Khandelwal, founder and CEO at Anant Vastu – One of the top Vastu consultant in Kolkata.

For over 15 years, Abhishek has been helping people design their spaces as per Vastu. He believes that the arrangements of the interior objects and furniture create a significant impact on the lives of the residents. As per him, every single placement in the house has a direct effect on the sub-conscious mind of the residents.

He says it with full conviction that “ if one decorates the house according to Vastu Shastra, then, it will usher in better health, better relationships and overall prosperity into the household.” So one must keep in mind, the following tips for designing the interiors:

Vastu Decoration for Bedroom

One must ideally use light pastel shades as wall paints in the bedroom. Dark colours disturb the mind and may cause unnecessary arguments and anxiety.

bedroom interior design

If the bedroom lies in the South West of the house, one can choose to display family photographs in this direction. Doing so will strengthen the bonds amongst the family members and peace and happiness shall prevail.

It is also advisable to choose the right colours of curtains and upholstery for decorating the bedroom. For example- for a bedroom in the West direction, a combination of grey and white colours is ideal. Similarly, decorating a bedroom in East, one can choose shades of brown, green and beige.

Bedroom being a place where you spend the maximum number of hours, it is of utmost importance to design it following Vastu principles. This can easily be taken care of while you do the complete Vastu for your bedroom.

Vastu Decoration for Living Room

Living room is the place where one spends a lot of time for relaxing and watching TV. The energies here must be uplifting for the mind and the body. Therefore, it is important to follow Vastu tips for interiors for living room.

Living room interior designOne must ensure that there is sufficient natural lighting in the living room. A dark living room causes lethargy to set in. Also, proper alignment of windows is very important for the sunlight and the air to come in.

If the living room falls in the North direction, one can use shades of black and blue to decorate it. Adding a fountain of flowing water can go a long way in creating a lot of positive energy in the whole house.

If one has to choose paintings to display in the living room situated in the East direction, a green landscape or a painting showing a dense forest is ideal.

Vastu tips for furniture placement

The placement of furniture in a house is an important aspect of interior decor. One must keep certain important points in mind while choosing furniture and also its placement.

It is best to use furniture made of natural wood and completely avoid metallic furniture. Metal furniture is machine made and thus has very low vibrational frequency. On the contrary, all natural woods have excellent positive vibrations.

Using furniture made of natural products is good for the health of the residents. On the contrary, metals create certain electromagnetic fields which are harmful for the human body.

Another important factor to keep in mind is the correct placement of bedroom furniture as per Vastu. All beds in the rooms should ideally be kept with the head towards the South or East. One must strictly avoid sleeping with the head in the North.

One must strictly avoid any heavy furniture in the centre of the house, i.e. the Brahmasthan.

Vastu tips for Decorative Items

Every single decorative item displayed in the house must be chosen carefully. It is important to keep in mind the emotion or feeling that a particular decorative item invokes before buying it.

For example, while choosing a Buddha statue for decoration, one must get a feeling of peace. The statue should have a calm or smiling face in order to invoke the emotion of calmness within the residents.

On the other hand, it is best to avoid items or pieces of decoration that are not soothing to the mind. A sculpture showing a lonely child or wild animal is not a decorative item you should choose to display in your house.


It must be clear to you about how important a role Vast plays in the interior design of a house. Therefore, it is crucial that one keeps in mind certain aspects and principles of Vastu while doing up the interiors of a house. Following these principles will lead to overall gains, health and prosperity. It will also bring all the energies within the house in sync with the five elements of nature.

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